1953 Buick Special

One of the most beautiful Buicks is the 1953 Skylark. But, the entry level Buick, the Special is no less beautiful and that is the focus of our attention today of the 50th edition of the Buick model.

The 1953 Buick Special was the Cinderella of the Buick lines for the Skylark got the attention for its beauty, the Super and Roadmaster received the new and first ever Buick V-8  while the Special got the looks but not the new engine.

A ’53 Special came with the faithful and reliable Fireball 8 that was improved for the 50th year of Buick.  The Fireball 8 was a 263 cubic inch straight eight that ran 130 HP.  With a 121.5 inch wheelbase the Special was 205.8 inches long and rode like a dream

The 2-door Special started at $2197 and weighed 3675 pounds.  53, 796 were built.  The 4-door version started at $2255 and weighed 3710 pounds. 100,312  were built.

The convertible  cost $2553 and weighed 3815 pounds. 4282 were built.

The Special Riviera started at $2295, weighed 3705 pounds and 58780 were built.

Click on to see full size.  I always wanted a big black Buick.  Perhaps someday.  This is by AlfvanBeem.

Two tone Buicks are beautiful!  Picture by Salmanazar.






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